Green Lantern

Rated 2.0

Ryan Reynolds works hard to make the ridiculous saga of Hal Jordan, protector of the universe, worth watching, but to no avail. Green Lantern is one of the goofier superheroes out there, at least when it comes to his movie incarnation. When Jordan, a hotshot test pilot, meets a dying purple alien, he receives a ring that transports him to another world where he discovers he is the newest Green Lantern, universe protector. He comes back to Earth, where he is more of a disaster prevention guy than a superhero, stopping helicopter crashes and stuff. His power is that the ring can let him create anything with his mind, which is just stupid. He could just create a world without crime and disaster with his mind, and his work would be done, right? Ya know, I just don’t know, and I really don’t care. While I think Reynolds would make a decent Batman or Superman, Green Lantern is just silly and a waste of his likeable screen persona.