Green Eyes

Ford Corl

I wrote a Musicbeat profile of Ford Corl back in ’09 when his album Acoustic Face came out. That record impressed me with its quirky and personal pop songwriting and idiosyncratic production and arrangements—all of which were performed entirely by Corl. (He’s also a member of the band Kadence.) Green Eyes, his more recent offering, is actually way better. It’s a blend of poppy New Wave-inspired songs and ear-washing electronic soundscapes. “Anthem for All,” the album opener, sounds like one of Brian Eno’s pop songs or maybe something by Dan Deacon. The second song is a bit of Devo weirdness and the third track, “Frankie Lit Up the Night” has a chord progression and sonic structure like a Neutral Milk Hotel song, and narrative lyrics about, as far as I can tell, arson and murder. It’s an album that warrants and rewards repeat listens.