Grandma’s Boy

Rated 2.0

The supporting players who frequent Adam Sandler movies get to headline their own picture, and the results are pretty dismal though not disastrous. Allen Covert plays an adult video-game nut whose job is to test games, find the bugs and smoke pot. When he’s kicked out of his apartment because his roommate spent the rent money on Filipino whores, he must live with his grandma (Doris Roberts). Linda Cardellini plays the sexy boss Covert will undoubtedly make out with before the film is over, and her karaoke song is the movie’s best moment. The film has one or two good laughs, but the lowbrow humor gets tiresome after the first half (although the karate monkey is always funny). One gimmick, where a character speaks in robot talk when he gets nervous, is super-nitro lame. This is a movie where Shirley Jones plays a total slut, and that’s sure to piss off Oklahoma! fans.