Rated 2.0

Based on the true story of how a young Elisabeth Shue broke the gender barrier to become the first girl to play organized soccer in New Jersey. Carly Schroeder plays Grace “Gracie” Bowen, a teenager who loses her soccer star brother in a car accident. She decides to make a run for the boy’s varsity soccer team, much to the dismay of her dad (Dermot Mulroney). After an initial resistance period, dad decides to train his daughter and show the boys who can kick the ball best. The movie has a mighty big heart, and Schroeder is impressive, but Gracie’s rise to varsity soccer play isn’t filmed in a very convincing manner. She gets kicked around a lot and often cries while running off the field. No high school coach I ever knew would pick her for a team. I have to think the real thing (Shue) had thicker skin than her onscreen representation. There’s also a few too many sports film clichés getting tossed out in this one. Shue plays Gracie’s mom, in effect playing her own mom. Sweet movie, but a tad clumsy.