Gov. Jim Gibbons appointed a new Pahrump town council member without checking with anyone in Pahrump.

Gov. Jim Gibbons’ stumbles are so numerous and permeate the state so completely that some of them get overlooked.

While Gibbons’ appointment of several members of the state wildlife commission got a lot of attention—his wildlife appointees have little interest in the commission’s environmental responsibilities—his adventure in Pahrump got less attention.

On July 22, a man named Bill Dolan stepped up during the public comment period at a meeting of the Pahrump Town Board and introduced himself as the board’s newest member. Gibbons had appointed him to replace John McDonald, though McDonald’s resignation had not yet taken effect. Board members were angered because the town’s normal procedure of advertising vacant positions and inviting the public to apply had not been complied with.

“And I think this is a slap in the face,” said board member Dan Sprouse. “I think that’s wrong. I want somebody on this board here who’s going to take care of this community, somebody who cares. Mr. Dolan, I hope you’re that person, I really do.”

Dolan and Gibbons refused to tell Pahrump officials who suggested Dolan’s name to Gibbons, but Gibbons aide Ben Kieckhefer later said North Las Vegas Mayor Mike Montandon had done it.

The Pahrump Valley Times later ran a story headlined, “Who is Bill Dolan?” that identified him as a former Clark County Republican figure who had lost Assembly and North Las Vegas City Council races.