GOP aids Reid

Democrat Harry Reid last week got a break from an unexpected source. In Cleveland on Aug. 24, House Republican leader John Boehner made it plain that if Reid is defeated, Republicans will make an effort to bring the proposed dump for high level nuclear wastes at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain back to life:

Question: “The only repository for nuclear waste planned or conceived or developed for this country is Yucca Mountain in Nevada, and it is stopped dead in its tracks by Harry Reid. If the Republicans can take back Congress, what position would the party take on opening Yucca Mountain so our nuclear reactors have someplace to put their waste?”

Boehner: “Most Republicans have supported Yucca Mountain for the 20 years that I’ve been here, and the American people would be shocked to know how much nuclear waste is laying just miles from their home. It’s laying at every nuclear plant in the country and why? Because we can’t get Yucca Mountain finished because it’s not politically correct. We’ve invested tens of billions of dollars in a storage facility that’s as safe as anything we’re going to find.”