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Best place to buy rattlesnake meat

Emu and bison and squirrel and dog bones are also on the menu. Butcher Boy Prime has offered some of the best meat in town at its Sparks shop off Rock Boulevard for years. But it opened a second location at 7300 S. Virginia St. earlier this year. With 17,000 square feet to work with, it’s bigger, better and full of goodies for the meat-and-potato crowd, as well as gourmands. And much of what’s in its meat case was raised and slaughtered locally.

Best place to get your caffeine buzz on that isn’t a coffee house

Oh, sure, you thought the Red Rock, 241 S. Sierra St., was just another cool bar that has live music, pool, art and hot bartenders. Well, people in the know are cognizant of the fact that the bar has an imported Italian espresso machine. Everybody knows that drinking coffee doesn’t sober up a drunk, but those who are looking for a delicious shot of java can get a world class and inexpensive sip of energy while they check out some art and chat up the bartender.