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Editors’ choice

Illustration By John Craig

Best foreign foods

International Market
95 E. Grove St.

If you love international cuisines and like to cook, you’re probably already acquainted with this market, located near Park Lane Mall. But for those who want to extend their cooking skills beyond macaroni and cheese, this is a good place to explore foods from around the world. You can find a wide variety of spices, sauces and canned goods in cuisines ranging from Mexican to Vietnamese. You can also find a wide selection of low-priced teas. A box containing 100 green tea bags can cost as little as $3. Compare that to a 16-bag box you find in most supermarkets going for the same price.

Best recycled goods

Not Too Shabby
211 W. First St.

Wondering where you can buy furniture and protect the forest as well? Not Too Shabby gives old or used furniture new life, refurbishing and crafting hand-painted furnishings into one-of-a-kind pieces. The store, formerly known as Art & Rubbish, has expanded quite a bit since Sheryl Kleinendorst became owner in February. She says dressers are her most popular furniture items; they range in price from $100 to $300. In addition to selling furniture, the store also features wall art by artists such as Erik Holland and Rebecca Shadowitz and products made in Nevada, including Davidson’s Teas and soap from Olsen’s Soapworks.

Best exotic goods

Art Dogs & Grace Downtown
248 W. First St.

A few months ago, the latest Art Dogs & Grace store opened next to Hempfields’ Natural Goods on First Street. If you’re looking for a fun gift, you should give this store a look. The store stresses that its products are not made in sweatshops, so you can buy with a clear conscience. You can also find a variety of hand-carved wooden masks, musical instruments, clothes, jewelry, incense and more. While you’re browsing, check out the cool series of photographs hanging on the wall behind the counter. The photos were taken by owner Leigh Reynolds and depict the Los Angeles nightclub and punk rock scenes during the 1980s.

Best magazine selection

Borders Books, Music & Café
4995 S. Virginia St.

Yes, we know. It’s a chain store. But we don’t care. Borders has the best selection of magazines from around the world. Music, fashion, sports—you name it, they’ve got it. Borders occasionally offers low-priced CDs in its bargain bin, and if you look hard enough, you might find a real gem. The store also serves some pretty good Chai in its café. As the holiday season rolls around, expect to find a wide variety of calendars, holiday cards and books stocked on the shelves.