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Illustration By Rick Sealock

Organization with the best opportunity for a name change

Washoe Association of Retarded Citizens is doing worthwhile work for disabled citizens, but its name generally causes one of two undesirable reactions: a giggle or an offense. Leaders may think that using the FLA (four-letter acronym) WARC is enough to protect them from accusations of insensitivity, but we think it’s a great opportunity to reposition the group. How about Washoe Association of Renown Citizens? Say what you will about political correctness, but the word “retarded” has gone the way of the dodo, the dino and the Commodore 64.

Happiest business name

A woman once had a flat tire in the rain and had no spare. Big O Tires on Pyramid Way has no road service, but when she called them they went anyway and took care of her. Her letter of thanks hangs among many on the wall at Big O. It’s the kind of thing that has given the place a fanatically loyal following. Although a part of a small chain, the Pyramid Way shop has been in the same local family for three generations.