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Best place to get your rocks off

Palace Jewelry & Loan
300 N. Virginia St. 322-2863

Dear Mom,
Things are sure different over here in Reno! If somebody had told me in Alabama I’d be living in a town with balls, I’d a knocked ’em into next week. But it’s true! Everwhere I look around here, it’s a new wonder. Reno is a very sophisticated city. (I saw that on an advertisement on the side of a bus. Yep! They got real buses and bus stops here and everything!) I knew it was an uptown city, because they bring their trains right on into downtown where everyone can see them. I’ll tell you something else, they got this here store where you can buy and sell used stuff. It don’t matter what it is. I brought in grandma’s wedding ring, and they borrowed me $40 bucks on it. They saw that rock, and couldn’t get me checked out fast enough. It’s called Palace Jewelry and Loan. I even bought a used leather jacket, and I only paid $750 bucks for it—must be high-quality though, I saw a leather jacket at the mall for only $450, though it weren’t broken in.