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Chocolate Walrus

Chocolate Walrus

Photo By David Robert

Best selection of eclectic gift cards

Soundwave CDs
971 W. Moana Lane, 825-5044

This independent CD store has moved to the Moana West Shopping Center. It has a bold new look with nuclear yellow walls and a cool assortment of fantasy art and novelty items. Especially fun to look at is the stock of MikWright cards, which feature random family photos that look as if they were taken between the 1950s and 1970s. Open up the card, and there’s an incongruent message. For example, an innocent-looking photo of a housewife preparing dinner is on the cover of one card. Open up the card, and it reads: “Happy birthday! Come on in! I’m sorry, but Richard has diarrhea, and the kids both have lice, so … it’s just going to be us. I hope you’re hungry.” Uh, OK. Oh yeah, Soundwave also has a great selection of new and used CDs.

Hat Heaven

Photo By David Robert

Best edible erotic art

Chocolate Walrus
160 E. Grove St., 825-2267

Despite its name, a recent trip to the store didn’t reveal any walruses. But the visit did reveal chocolate candies in the shape of erotic body parts. In greater supply are various sex toys, adult videos and cards, lingerie and sensual body lotions for your next bedroom romp. The store is being remodeled, with the explicit material being relegated to the back of the building. Stuffed animals, candy and items of general interest are being moved to the front of the store. If you’re not interested in adult material, Chocolate Walrus also offers humorous gifts for friends and family members who are approaching milestone birthdays.

Illustration By Kamela Eaton

Best place to stock up on rations

WinCo Foods
9750 S. Virginia St., 853-7474
2855 Northtowne Lane, 331-6966

Hooray for WinCo Foods’ bulk food section. You can find just about any dry goods or instant mixes—trail mix, hummus mix, muffin mix, etc. There are also spices, grains, baking goods and pet food, as well as a colorful assortment of candy that can be purchased for a reasonable price. Although it’s a pain to navigate your way through the parking lot—particularly when you’re shopping at the Northtowne store—the prices are worth the hassle. It’s an ideal place to stock up on dried foods if you’re planning to attend next year’s Burning Man.

Best place for mad hatters

Hat Heaven
Park Lane Mall
138 E. Plumb Lane, 828-7977

With all the styles available, it’s a shame that more people don’t wear hats. For both the hat fanatic and the simply hat-curious, Hat Heaven offers a wide selection of hats, caps and visors. It’s amazing how one’s personality changes after trying on a chic, wide-brimmed chapeau or a sequin-covered baseball cap (although we don’t know why anyone would want to wear that, but, hey, to each their own). This is also a great place to find the perfect hat to complete a Halloween costume—including jester caps, tri-cornered hats and even wigs.