Good stuff

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

I like this issue.

That’s not to say that we’re in the habit of putting out newspapers I don’t like, but every once in a while we put out an issue where it seems like everybody on the team is contributing their best work, where everyone up and down the batting order is knocking in runs. This is one of those issues.

Let’s start with the cover. Eric Marks was his usual talented self, running out to the Black Lives Matter demonstration and capturing some amazing images. And our designer Brian Breneman did a great job laying out those images in a nice two page spread.

Elsewhere in the issue, news editor Dennis Myers explored in depth some of the complex social issues surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. So not only did we get great images, but great analysis as well.

Dennis also wrote the lead story of this week’s feature Back to School package, about how Washoe County School District’s reputation is actually tarnished by negative statewide statistics.

Special projects editor Jeri Chadwell-Singley also contributed to that package, and she, designer Sarah Hansel and some of our contributors put together a fantastic Family Guide supplement focused on family-friendly road trips. And Jeri wrote a fascinating piece for our Green column to boot.

Great arts section this week as well. Arts editor Kris Vagner wrote about Greg Allen, one of Reno’s best painters, and music writer Anna Hart wrote an excellent article about Schizopolitans, one of Reno’s best bands.

Calender editor Kelley Lang and all of our regular columnists and contributors brought their A game this week as well.

Except Bob Grimm. He’s way off base. There’s no way that the new Ghostbusters movie is as bad as he’s making it out to be. I haven’t even seen it yet, and already I know Bob is just plain wrong.

Brad Bynum