Good Luck Chuck

Rated 1.0

Good Luck Chuck starts off amicably enough. Dane Cook shows off a certain charm as the title character, and Jessica Alba appears to be giving one of her better screen performances, showing a gift for goofball comedy. Then, somewhere around the halfway point, everything goes to hell. It seems that director Mark Helfrich wants to be as disgusting as possible with his screen time, and the likeable beginning is nothing but a tease. This is an ugly-as-sin movie, a film that has no shame in the atrocities it chooses to show on screen. Cook plays Chuck, a hip dentist who has no luck with the girls. The film starts with a very funny flashback. We see a young Chuck diss a Goth girl during spin the bottle, and she winds up putting a hex on him. Chuck will never find true love, and the girls he sleeps with will find their true love immediately after him. Everything is just OK for about a half hour, and then the film goes way off the rails.