Good Kill

Rated 3.0

Ethan Hawke plays an alcoholic drone pilot in this intriguing drama from director Andrew Niccol. Major Thomas Egan (Hawke), a former pilot, now spends his days and nights remotely killing the enemy overseas. He commands drones with a joystick, taking orders from his commander (Bruce Greenwood) and never putting himself at actual risk. The situation leaves Egan bored, stressed out, and reliant on alcohol, creating problems at the workplace and home with his wife Molly (a strong January Jones). When the CIA step in and take over Egan's operations, things get a little shady, and Egan is pushed over the edge. What makes this movie work is the performance of Hawke, who just gets better and better with every movie. His Egan is a believable combination of maximum guilt, and a newer form of battle fatigue. Jones matches Hawke with her performance, and Greenwood fortifies the cast. Niccol, who worked with Hawke before on Gattaca, makes up for his prior misfire with The Host (the Saoirse Ronan disaster, not the cool monster movie). It's a different kind of war movie for a different kind of war. Available for rent on iTunes, and On Demand during a limited theatrical release.