Good for You

Welcome to RN&R’s first Health & Wellness Guide

When it comes to health, everyone’s an expert. Eat more fruits and veggies. Don’t eat fruits. Eat more meat; eat less meat. Do more cardio. No, lift more weights. It’s about calories. No, it’s about processed foods. Use this medicine. Wait! That medicine will slowly kill you! Trust this agency in charge of our health. But that agency is funded by chemical lobbyists.

Wading through the confusion, I tend to think we need to eat more plants, get some exercise, reduce stress and chemical exposure, and surround ourselves with loving people. Those seem to be common links in longevity studies, and they resonate with my own experiences. But I’m no expert.

We go to some experts with this, RN&R’s first Health & Wellness Guide. Some of them are within the fields of conventional medicine; some are not. In these pages, we learn about infrared sauna therapy, get a little insight into diabetes, raw food, breaking habits, and why our jaws keep popping. We also discover exercise doesn’t have to be drudgery when the Kumbia Kings are providing the soundtrack.

Our words are not the final answer on health. It’s a huge, complicated, vacillating arena. And we don’t expect to live forever; we just hope to live well.