Glove actually

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In this edition of our monthly Gadget column, we examine gloves.


Saint Valentine must have lived in a more tropical climate than Reno. Why else would he have chosen to plant his romantic holiday in a month when the temperatures still dip below zero? Never fear—as with everything in life—there’s a gadget that thumbs its nose at tradition in favor of technology. Firebox’s two-handed glove, the Smitten, is the perfect gadget—simple and ingenious. One mitten with two hand holes allows two people to hold hands within the same glove. Sure, two people could wear their own set of gloves and hold hands, letting two layers of thick fabric separate them, but that’s as romantic as holding a teddy bear’s hand. The Smitten also comes with a pair of regular gloves to bundle up the lovers’ free hands. $39.29.

Agloves Original

If forces beyond your control prevent you from holding hands with your lover this Valentine’s Day, you can still text, “Happy V-Day! <3” while keeping those smartphone fingers warm. Agloves Original uses silver threads woven throughout the glove to enable smartphone use without removing the glove. Most phones and tablets use capacitive touchscreens—they detect electrical signal changes transmitted from your fingers through sweat and oil—so any non-conductive material, such as a normal glove, between your finger and the screen prevents the signals from being read. The silver woven into the washable, polyester gloves acts as a conductor and allows the screen to recognize your swipes. $19.99.

Drinkmaster Hoodie

A night at the bar doesn’t mean those cold suds have to freeze your fingers. The Drinkmaster Hoodie features extended cuffs with a non-slip grip and a thumbhole offering maneuverability with optimum bottle control. While the beer is secure and your hands are warm, the black, cotton hoodie keeps all of your precious cargo safe but accessible. The right shoulder houses an easily accessible ID pocket to minimize that uncomfortable time with the bouncer. An inside pocket securely holds a flask. The bottle opener on the front zipper and a neoprene-lined beer cozy in the breast pocket work great for fishing or camping where it’s always best to have the right tools within reach. The fleece lining provides warmth with minimal bulk in a jacket that is as understated and discreet—while remaining stylish—as an alcohol-laden garment could be. $59.99.