Glory Road

Rated 3.0

Every year around this time, we get another sports movie where a ragtag group of underdogs rises up to beat a formidable foe, replete with a Rocky-type soundtrack, many scenes depicting a furious coach throwing papers and whatnot on the sidelines, and lots of male bonding. Glory Road is yet another one of those movies, but this one has a good heart and an interesting story based on true events involving NCAA basketball. Yes, all of the clichés are dragged out onto the court, and some of them stop the action in its tracks. Still, the movie packs a decent punch because the story at its core is of such major importance, and a fine cast delivers it well. The film works as both a competent sports film and statement on racism in sports history. The movie tiptoes over the racism issue for some of its running time, but it addresses the subject squarely in its last half. It’s a PG-rated film, so what’s depicted here probably isn’t half as horrible as what the real team endured, but the message gets delivered. Josh Lucas stars, with a performance that is hit and miss.