Giving together

Thanks for picking up our latest family guide. This one’s about generous and inspiring people right here in Reno: philanthropists, volunteers and a nonprofit leader who have made a routine of helping others, and have taught children and teenagers to do the same. Some are kids themselves, actually.

If you give your all to strangers or animals—and you’ve even managed to pull young people into your circle of influence—well, you’re a hell of a lot further along than most of us, and certainly further along than me. You’re probably happier, too.

Some say a life of service starts in childhood, no matter your means, and the good folks in this guide certainly seem to think so. What we do with our piddling free time and money is about as personal as it gets, though, so pushing anyone to contribute to one cause or another (no matter how worthwhile) has always struck me as being a little preachy. That’s not what these stories are about, but hopefully they can be a bit of an inspiration.

Thanks as always for reading, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with feedback. I’m all ears.

Georgia Fisher