Girl bands rule

Who doesn’t love the local girl bands? There are more of them in Reno than people realize, and they are more overlooked than they should be. Monique Stanfield of All About Me is trying to start a girl-rock movement in town, although she says, “I’m starting to think that Reno doesn’t really care.” To prove Monique wrong, check out the girl and girl-fronted bands which can rock like any other rock group at the Little Waldorf, 10 p.m. Oct. 17. Tickets are $5. About a month and a half ago, All About Me, Kate Cotter, Sophie & The Probiotics, Amber Rubarth and Jen Scaffidi from The Spark got together to strut their female stuff at the Blue Cactus. This month, a couple more bands will be added to the mix; Keen and Pushbox (check out the Best of Northern Nevada Personalities, page 23, to read about Pushbox’s Georgia Mower) will play at the Waldorf’s girl band blowout. Little Waldorf is at 1661 N. Virginia St., 323-1926.