Gimme indie rock


Break on through: Session is, from left, Matt Griffin, Dan “Dude” Mayes, Julian Iosty and Brandon Durrough.

Break on through: Session is, from left, Matt Griffin, Dan “Dude” Mayes, Julian Iosty and Brandon Durrough.

Photo By David Robert

Have you ever wondered how average-looking guys get really pretty girls? Well fellas, unless you’re either Ron Jeremy or Bill Gates, you should probably just join a rock band.

The formula is simple: The better the band, the prettier the girls. One look at the crowd of a Session show, and it’s obvious they must be a pretty good band—that and punk rock girls in Reno are getting awfully cute these days.

Session is half punk, half feel-good music.

“The best description I’ve heard is Sublime, Chili Peppers and Incubus in a blender,” says drummer Julian Iosty, 23.

“We just take two different styles of music that don’t go together and make it work,” adds bassist Matt Griffin, 24, sporting a Bob Marley T-shirt and blond dreadlocks the legend himself would envy.

They don’t have music for sale yet. They plan to record their first EP this summer. But their live show is polished.

“We’ve practiced probably a minimum of three days a week for, shit, three and a half years now,” says lead singer Brandon Durrough, 22.

“You really just gotta have a lot of fun,” says Griffin. “The more fun you have on stage the more fun the fans are gonna have. And that’s vital.”

They’re doing just that. During a show at the Green Room a few weeks ago (the last show before the venue closed), they welcomed back their guitarist, Dan “Dude” Mayes, 25. Mayes is known for his reticence.

Griffin, who describes himself and Mayes as best friends, gets an idea halfway through their set: He won’t continue playing until Mayes gives a speech to the crowd.

After 10 minutes of prodding from the audience, Mayes shyly steps to the microphone. “I don’t know what to say.”

Very prolific, dude.

They continue playing.

“The minute it stops being fun, I don’t think we’re gonna play anymore,” says Griffin.

Before ending their set, someone from the crowd brings Durrough a shot of liquor. So Durrough walks up to Iosty, while he is drumming at full-speed, tells him to tilt his head back and feeds him the shot. They’ve since added the stunt to their routine.

But there is more to music than having fun, drinking and being around pretty girls … right?

They speak well of their fellow Reno rockers.

“I just want to see it to where there is a definite music scene in Reno,” says Griffin. “There are enough good bands here. We definitely appreciate every band that’s out there.”

“And that’s what kind of fun with our band,” says Iosty. “You could throw us in with any kind of band; a hip-hop band, a reggae band, a metal band.”

The subjects of their songs range from fighting zombies to more serious topics, like “Help Wanted,” a song about a friend recovering from a drug addiction. And, of course, one or two stoner anthems.

Session performs three to four times a month. Now they just have to get their music recorded and out to the masses.

“We wanna get our music to as many people as wanna hear it,” says Griffin. “I hate corporations and what the corporate music world has done to music. I despise it.”

Maybe they’ll stay independent for a while.