Gibbons on lotteries

Gov. Jim Gibbons/March 26, 2007: “I respect recent efforts by some legislators to explore options for new revenue to the State; however, I do not believe it is a proper function of Nevada government to operate a lottery, nor do I think that the State should be in competition with its largest industry. Notwithstanding my philosophical concerns, the fact is that the state is not likely to generate additional revenues with a lottery. Instead, it would simply shift the tax burden from one source to another. Furthermore, as the National Gambling Impact Study Commission stated in its recommendation to state, local and tribal governments, ‘lotteries … do not create a concentration of good quality jobs and do not generate significant economic development.’ Elsewhere, lotteries have proven to be costly and bureaucratic, something I do not believe our citizens want more of in Nevada. I will not, therefore, support any legislation that includes the establishment of a lottery in Nevada.”

Gov. Jim Gibbons/May 6, 2009: “I have no problem with a lottery.”

Gov. Jim Gibbons/May 6, 2009: “Where did you hear that?” (on being questioned about his earlier opposition to a lottery).