Gibbons keeps talking

Gov. Jim Gibbons seems unable to keep quiet about his private life, while insisting all the while that he wants privacy ( Nothing made that plainer than what can only be called his campaign swing around the state last week to talk about his marriage and his dating.

Gibbons gave interviews to at least five Nevada television stations—KVBC, KLAS and KVVU in Las Vegas, and KOLO and KTNV in Reno.

“He was very open, and he even brought up some issues we thought he wouldn’t want to talk about,” according to Jonathan Humbert of KLAS.

The principal purpose of the interviews seemed to be to assert forcefully that he’s going to be dating and people should get used to it. Otherwise, the content of the interviews was essentially the same as his previous statements, talking about his divorce and denying romantic relationships with a couple of women to whom he’s been linked.

Some of the television stations seemed to think they were getting exclusive interviews, and introduced them as such.