Get ready for a four-year rollercoaster

Amanda Williams is president of the UNR College Republicans

As you begin to read this column, you will notice that there is no mention of who the next president will be. Because of deadline constraints, this article is being written before Election Day. All I can say is either Sen. John McCain or Sen. Barack Obama will win. With this in mind, we have an interesting four years ahead of us.

If McCain wins, there will not be an international crisis such as Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden predicted would happen should Obama be elected. Biden may not have faith in Obama, but we can hold that sort of faith in McCain. He knows we need strong national security, and even if voters didn’t realize it, it’s true. Terrorists are not going to leave us alone because we tell them we have “the lowest possible number” of nuclear weapons. With Iran in the process of going nuclear, all our Middle East enemies would be licking their lips in anticipation if they heard that we were decreasing our number of nuclear weapons.

And with McCain as president, we will not have four more years of President Bush. I think Obama was confused about who he was running against because he said President Bush’s name more than he said Sen. McCain’s.

If McCain wins, we will have a first lady who is proud of her country all the time. Under McCain, we will also see a president who has shown he will use bipartisanship to accomplish goals. He has proven this, and we can trust him if he says he will continue to do so.

With McCain, we can see the hope of a better economy. At a time like this, we need less government spending, fewer taxes, and we definitely do not need more bureaucracy. The White House needs to run like a tight ship, and John McCain will do that if he is the next president.

If Sen. Barack Obama is the next president of the United States, we have a lot to look out for. For example, we can expect to see a rise in the Socialist movement in America. Obama is all for taking your money because apparently he believes he knows how to spend it better than you do. Having higher taxes will only further hurt our country’s economy.

If Barack Obama is the next president of the United States, he will receive his on-the-job training at the White House, where he will be able to “read up” on how to be the chief executive of this country. We officially will have a president that many people feel they can have a pizza and beer with.

I’ll maintain that’s not how one should feel about the president, but if knowing one can have pizza with the president helps people sleep at night, then enjoy the next four years of easy sleeping. If Obama finds himself in office, our national defense will find itself hurting. He seems to be sheltered from the bad things of the world and does not realize that there are people out there who want to attack us. Even his own running mate thinks that we will be attacked with Obama as president. Does Biden see into Obama’s delusions as well?

Obama is going to have to learn on the job how to protect this country from international threats, and he will have to learn how to properly spend our tax dollars.

Either way, we picked the president folks, so hunker down and enjoy the next four years. Should be an interesting ride.