Georgia Rule

Rated 2.0

The Jane Fonda comeback continues on its trail of mediocrity with this strange family drama about a rebellious youth (Lindsay Lohan) going to live with her domineering grandmother (Fonda). Fonda plays Georgia, an obsessive compulsive woman who makes her granddaughter wash her mouth out with soap and constantly squawks about household rules. Lohan, an OK actress, is given an uneven script to work with, but she does all right with her role. Felicity Huffman, so good in Transamerica, overacts horribly as Lohan’s mom, especially during some drunken scenes. This is a messy movie that is beneath the talent involved. It’s also that talent that makes the movie tolerable for some of its running time. I wish Fonda would quit it with the shallow stuff and get herself into a substantial film. Hanging out with J-Lo and Lohan has done little to revive her career.