Gear up

Top picks to get you up and down the mountain

Winter, the season that sends people to the top of a mountain like the now defunct Disneyland Skyway to Tomorrowland. Once they reach the top, they voluntarily send their bodies hurtling toward the earth at breakneck speeds. For many, the idea is an exciting and necessary part of winter that demands attention—and certain gear.



You rock, RuRoc

Snowboarders are a special breed of winter sports enthusiasts. While skiers aim for a certain grace in their descent, their single-boarded cousins strive to go faster, pull off more insane tricks and look cooler than anyone else on the slopes. Like a gift from the top of the mountain, the RuRoC helmets combine practicality and wicked style. Resembling the mask of a G.I. Joe hero, these helmets could make even the worst snowboarder look stylish. Using a dozen entrance and exit points for air, the helmet, mask and goggle combo is designed to maintain a continuous flow of air whether you’re standing still or flying through the sky. The goggles seamlessly integrate with the helmet and mask, so the strategically designed air vents are the only access points for wind. For roughly $390, the Knight Moves RuRoC can protect your dome with its sleek, black finish and red accents. With a removable mask, you can grab a quick cup of hot chocolate with your scaredy-cat friend in the lodge before dashing off to the ski lifts for one more run.



Ski lift timesaver

If you spend anytime on the ski lifts, you most likely have a day pass or season pass clipped somewhere to your jacket, but Swatch wants to gear you up for the winter ski season with a bit of technological magic. The slim and simple Black Injection appears to be a normal watch, but inside is a microchip that can be activated to turn your timepiece into a lift pass. Water resistant and shock proof, the microchip ski pass is recognized at over 450 ski resorts across the world. At $65, the Black Injection is a great multitasking timepiece that provides a geeky fashion statement that will move you through the lift lines quickly.



Flying saucer

Just because you can get to the front of the ski-lift line quicker doesn’t ensure your arrival at the bottom of the mountain. Lacking the grace, patience and skill to maneuver skis or a snowboard? Try the time-tested method of frosty thrill seeking—sledding. Created by L.L. Bean, the Flexible Flying Saucer is more durable than flimsy plastic models. An upgrade of the old classic, this steel saucer throws skill out the window, guaranteeing all of the danger with none of the control. Ignore the cheaper plastic varieties and pick up this durable product for around $29—the extra money will be worth it as you continue to pull it out year after year. Easy to use and perfect for all ages, the saucer is a classic.

With all this gear, the only thing left to do is get down the mountain in one piece.