Gammick loses aide

An assistant district attorney who helped reelect Washoe District Attorney Richard Gammick last fall has resigned with a blast at the office culture she claims Gammick has created.

“Throughout my time working under your fear-based administration, I have been subjected to your fits of anger and bombastic behavior,” Kelly Viloria wrote to Gammick in resigning.

Her support of Gammick in last year’s campaign gave him some protective cover at a time when he and the D.A.’s office were being sued over treatment of women employees. She wrote to Gammick that she “often defended your positions to others, even when they were defenseless.”

Viloria charged that she had been removed as prosecutor from a high-profile murder case in retaliation for her support of state legislation giving ADAs greater job security.

She said she would run for district attorney herself. “I look forward to returning as district attorney of Washoe County,” she wrote. The next election is more than three years off.

Roger Wholmes, who ran against Gammick last year, was caustic about Viloria’s change of heart on the district attorney: “Of course, I raised the current D.A.’s defenseless positions, his anger, his hostility, and his bombastic behavior in my campaign against him. Ms. Viloria supported him. Now, when it is no longer beneficial to her, she … no longer supports this indefensible, angry, hostile and bombastic DA.”