Game days

The hot new cocktail in the D.C. Beltway—Subpoena Colada!

Back in October, just before The Blue Wave crashed upon the electoral shore, I put forth the notion that impeaching Dum Dum wasn’t really all that important, because the main work of hassling Trump into some serious Excedrin headaches could more quickly happen courtesy of the committees, not actual impeachment. With just slightly fewer than 377 committees crawling up Trump’s Tailpipe (and the kids are finally getting a bit of ye old stinkeye, which is fun), we can now see the full flowering of this blitzkrieg, and appreciate that it will do two things: (1) piss Twitler off on a regular basis (Trump Rages!), and (2) keep the federal government relatively inert, since Dipshit now has to spend a considerable chunk of each day on the horn with his busy, busy, busy legal team. Indeed, it may be cutting into his Fox Time. (Trump Rages!)

Seriously, if you’re a Dub, was that Game 6 in Houston Da Shit, or what? I mean, I love KD, big time, he’s a savior and a savant, but it was just such a righteous blast to see the Dubs of ’15 again, with Iggy, Livingston and Bogut, along with Steff, Dray and Klay. So Game 6 was Steff gettin’ Stupid (finally!), and it should be said out loud once in a while that The Dubs simply wouldn’t be special without him, who is as electrifying in his way as Usain Bolt or Tiger Woods are in theirs. (And Tiger pissed off Cablanasians around the country with his recent logroll with Dum Dum. Watch out, Tiger, because everything Trump touches dies.)

As for The Day Dany GOT Her Groove Back, yes, there are some rushed story lines in the finish of Thrones, for sure. That happens more often than not, as blockbuster TV shows wrap themselves up. But last week’s episode, called “The Bells”—some of the cast thought the better title would have just been “Holy Shit!”—Dany and Drogon’s Conflagration on the Congregation was pretty much The Big Payoff, as us viewers were blown up in the visceral and eviscerating spectacle of the greatest Godzilla shit ever. Always a sucker for big badass reptiles, I found I really didn’t give a shit about credulity stretching stuff (shouldn’t Jamie have bled out way before he got to Cersei?) because DANY’S FLAMING JOY RIDE WAS SO INSANELY BODACIOUSLY MONDO NUTSO!

So now there are but 80 minutes left in this 80-hour romp. Will they stick the landing?