Funny feeling

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

Welcome, too, to the past-presents-future.

I do an editor’s note like this every few months. It’s a function of deadlines. As I sit here typing, it’s Sept. 1, a new issue of the RN&R will be on the stands tomorrow. By the time you see this little note, it will be Sept. 9. You see, next week’s deadlines will be befuddled by the Labor Day Weekend. We’ll lose a day to the holiday, but more than that, I’ll be in the desert attending Burning Man for the five days prior to the Tuesday when I’d usually write this column.

So, do you see what I mean by past-presents-future? I’m writing in the past about an event that will happen in the future, and today would be a good day to send me presents.

Let me try an inside joke. OK, since I’m going to explain it, I guess it’s not all that inside, but here goes. Instead of writing the Burning Man story while I’m at the festival, I’m going to try to get participants to write my story and take my photos. I think that’s funny because I can only think of one time that I actually got the story I was trying to get at Burning Man. Anyway, I promise not to change this editor’s note on Tuesday, when I return and know the future-present-past. I should be busy enough as my friends and associates and I try to put together a cover package on deadline.

Anyway, my honey and I are taking Deidre Pike along this year. It’s her first time out there. Kathleen and I have been going for so long, we’re a little bit jaded to the spectacle so I’m looking forward to seeing the event through the eyes of Deidre Pike. We’re going to camp in walk-in. I’ll let you know how it went.

Reason to vote No. 43: When you are old, and you’re trying to tell your younger friends about voting, you’ll want to be able to say, “I voted in the last election.” Yes, I know it’s a pun.