Funniest show

since Mr. ShowRight now, with Mr. Show off the air for the past six years and Saturday Night Live sucking wind, David Chappelle is the owner of TV’s best sketch comedy. Currently in his second season, to say Chappelle is controversial would be an understatement. Contained in this two-DVD set are all 12 episodes of the first season, including should-be classics like history’s meanest blind white supremacist—who happens to be black—and comedy’s greatest crackhead. His humor might be too much for many, and this uncensored version of the show reveals that Chappelle’s Show might be better suited to HBO than its current home on Comedy Central. After watching this show, Chappelle has become one of my all-time comic heroes. How this guy isn’t more famous is beyond me.

Special Features: Chappelle and co-creator Neal Brennan provide some rather laidback commentary for five of the episodes and a blooper reel. That blooper reel, mind you, is just as funny as the stuff that made it to the show. It’s 29 minutes of outtakes that are better than anything on Saturday Night Live for the past two years.

Show: A

Special Features: B-

Geek Factor: 7