Fun With Dick and Jane

Rated 2.0

Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni flail away in this weak remake of the OK 1977 Jane Fonda movie. They play two upper-class people who fall on hard times and turn to a life of crime. The segments where Carrey and Leoni actually commit robberies are sort of funny, but the movie loses its way and becomes a film about “sticking it to corporate America.” The ending is completely terrible, and seems as if it should’ve been set for another movie. Carrey gets to do some schtick, and he does it well, while Leoni has some fun with her character’s allergic reaction to a cosmetic test. Alec Baldwin is wasted in the “representation of evil corporate America” role. Film should’ve been darker with more edge. Instead, it plays it safe and tries to be a feel good movie. One of the more forgettable Jim Carrey films.