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Perennial winner: Best casino buffet

Toucan Charlie’s

Toucan Charlie’s

Photo By David Robert

Toucan Charlie’s, Atlantis Casino-Resort
3800 S. Virginia St.

Chefs’ Buffet, Eldorado Hotel-Casino
345 N. Virginia St.

Which buffet is better: Eldorado’s Chefs’ Buffet or Atlantis’ Toucan Charlie’s?

They always finish No. 1 and No. 2 in our “Best of” contest; last year, the Eldorado won, and this year, the Atlantis won. Both have row after row of fresh, exotic foods; both have cooks who will make your food to order while you watch; both are award-winning buffets. Toucan Charlie’s, in fact, has won five different awards just within the last four months, according to Atlantis spokesperson Ciara Coyle. Yet the Chefs’ Buffet still serves more customers on a weekly basis, says the Chefs’ Buffet Executive Chef Michael Norton. Coyle says that going to Toucan Charlie’s is almost like going to several separate restaurants, each with a different theme.

“They call it a world experience,” Coyle adds. “Whatever inkling you might have, it’s there.” Coyle also says their desert bar may just have the best pastries in town.

But Norton says the Chefs’ Buffet is the freshest in town, since everything is made from scratch. They even roast their own coffee. Norton says that his chefs do more on the day shift than Toucan Charlie’s chefs do all day. He adds that the Chefs’ Buffet is the most health-conscious in town.

Who’s right? You decide. In the meantime, the food fight is on.