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Illustration By Rick Sealock

Best place to get free drinks just for playing the penny slots

Not everyone who lives in Reno is a big gambler. Many try to stay away from casinos as much as possible. But this is Reno, so sometimes we find ourselves there, trying not to spend money. One RN&R staffer hunkered down at a penny slot at the Siena Hotel Spa & Casino and was surprised to find myself getting $3 drinks for spending $1.

Best place to marvel at the architecture

The Rainbow Bridge at Fitzgerald’s Hotel Casino has a marvelous viewpoint over the Reno Train Trench and in days to come, it’ll be a marvelous perch to stand below your time share condominium and think, “We paid hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to please the casino owners and let Reno guests sleep undisturbed. So why are And why in the world did I pay $400,000 for a converted hotel room just in order to be inconvenienced by 50-year-old cars and awakened by overblown American-made crotch rockets?”

Best place to play “Count the old folks smoking while dragging an oxygen tank”

There innumerable “Where’s Waldo?” games that can be played with friends, family and visitors in Reno’s downtown core: Count the shorts and black socks combos; Find the tooth; or Guess the contents of the puddle. Reno’s come a long way in the last 10 years, but there’s something about a rousing game of “Don’t look the drug dealer in the eye,” that makes us long for the days before President Reagan put the helpless on the streets.