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Best casino for rock stars on a budget

Rail City Casino
2121 Victorian Ave., Sparks, 359-9440

Hey dude!
It’s cool that your band is coming back through Reno this winter. I’m making some plans for when you’re not on stage. Our first stop is going to be Rail City Casino in Sparks. It’s our kind of gambling hall, dude. They have slot machines, Keno and blackjack tables. We can hang out at the bar, play video poker and catch live music. Maybe you’ll scope out some new talent while you’re having a few brews. The casino has a restaurant with pretty decent cheap grub. Hey, it beats the fast food you’re always complaining about on the road. If you win some cash, you might be able to pay off that promoter and venue for the damage that your band did trashing the backstage area last time you were here. If you win big, you can finally buy the band a new bus that doesn’t break down going over Donner Summit every time you come to town. If you win really big, you can move to Maui and live next door to your old rock ’n’ roll buddies.

Good luck out on the road,

Uncle Inky