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Best place to watch cheap movies

No, not that kind of cheap. Cheap like $3. The Grand Sierra Resort opened the old Keystone II Cinema space as a second-run (not second-rate) movie house that shows films you may have missed a few months ago for one-third of the rate of the Cinemark chain. Call 789-2093 for showtimes.

Best place to consider your emotional eating

Mondays at noon, a few people who want to improve their health, learn to eat more healthfully, and talk about their feelings head over to the Nevada Museum of Art for the weekly WeightWatchers meeting. Think you might have an issue with food that has more to do with your mother than it does with the empty feeling inside your tummy and the lightness inside your head? If you think you’ve got more triggers than the Iraqi invasion force, there’s help for you. This is one place you can go on a weekly basis where they’ll always take you in—even if you just realized you have a Snickers tucked inside your coat pocket.

Best place to look at copper doors

On May 21, 1906, Catholic officials purchased the Sol Levy home at the corner of Second and Chestnut (now Arlington) streets in Reno for $10,000 to be the site of a church. It became the site of St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral, 310 W. Second St., which was dedicated June 21, 1908 (though it is celebrating its centennial now, because the cornerstone was laid in June 1906). Its architecture nearly did not survive—a fire on Dec. 21, 1909, caused major damage, but it was salvaged and reopened in 1910. A renovation conducted in the 1950s added the most striking interior feature—a wraparound mural that surrounds the altar.