Frozen treat relief

Photo By David Robert

Honey Treat Yogurt

After a day of shopping I am so stressed out I just want sit down with a piece of chocolate or a bowl of ice cream. I know this isn’t the healthiest habit, but it sure does make me feel better after a bad day. A recent Saturday before Christmas was a bad day. After a hectic morning of malls and super stores, my husband and I ended up at Toys R Us. I will spare you the details of the two-hour adventure, but as we were walking out of there I noticed a little store next door called Honey Treat Yogurt. I was craving anything sweet, so we loaded the toys into the car and headed over.

The first thing I noticed was variety. There were 12 different flavors of yogurt, ranging from the usual vanilla supreme and chocolate, to the more unique flavors of Milky Way Heaven and Kahlua. The yogurt comes in low fat, nonfat, nonfat sugar-free, nonfat nondairy and nonfat sugar-free low carbohydrate varieties. It’s a good thing that they let you try anything you want before ordering; otherwise we would have been there for hours trying to decide on one. Yet after I had tasted a few, I still had a hard time deciding because I was really impressed by the quality of the flavors. They had a creamy consistency. They actually tasted like their names, with none of the bad aftertaste I sometimes associate with frozen yogurt that’s trying to be decadent. Even the low carbohydrate flavor tasted really good and authentic. Along with the yogurt, there were also many different toppings to choose from—coconut flakes, carob chips, chocolate sprinkles, granola, crushed candy bars.

At Honey Treat, yogurt is sold in a variety of sizes, from a child’s size four-ounce cup ($1.50) to a giant 32-ounce cup ($4.75). It seems you get a lot more for your money than other places I’ve tried. After telling myself I could always come back and try the other flavors, I finally decided on the nonfat Pistachio flavor topped with chopped walnuts. My husband, Scott, chose the low-fat Rocky Road and had it topped with crushed Oreo cookies. Not only did the two ladies behind the counter put a lot of topping over the yogurt, but they put it in the middle and the bottom of the cup as well.

While we were eating, I noticed that as people came in the two ladies behind the counter greeted several customers by name. Flavors, it seems, change every few days, and many people leave their name and number so that they can be called when their favorite flavors are available.

By the taste of my yogurt, I could easily understand how one could become a regular at Honey Treat. As Scott and I sat there, my nerves began to relax with each bite and the hectic, harried day began to turn around.