Frozen River

Rated 3.0

Melissa Leo plays Ray, a mom trying to buy a new doublewide on the border between New York and Quebec. Her gambling husband has ditched her and their two sons, and a woman from the nearby Mohawk reservation named Lila (Misty Upham) has taken one of their cars. One thing leads to another, and Ray finds herself involved in smuggling illegal aliens with Lila. They do this by driving cars over a frozen river. Directed by Courtney Hunt, the film is very raw and quite effective. Leo does a great portrayal of a woman on the edge, and Upham manages to convey somebody who doesn’t really give a damn anymore. The movie also features an impressive performance from Charlie McDermott as T.J., Ray’s son. Michael O’Keefe has a small role as a border cop, and he brings a lot to his few minutes.