Front money

Greenpeace International released a report on March 30 that reports that Koch Industries, a Wichita firm involved in manufacturing and investments, has been funding front groups engaged in trying to discredit the science behind global warming.

“To put their financial commitment into context, from 2005-2008 the Koch brothers pumped in double the amount that even Exxon spent on undermining climate action over the same period. … From 1997 to 2008, the Kochs funneled more than US$48.5 million to organizations aligned with the Kochs’ agenda, while presenting themselves as ‘experts’,” a Greenpeace statement said.

The Center for Responsive Politics has reported similar information about Koch.

Koch Industries has paid fines for environmental violations in Texas, Minnesota, Mississippi, and several other states. Koch corporate vice president David Koch was the 1980 Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee, running on a ticket with presidential nominee Ed Clark.