From weeds to wildflowers

Pat Campbell-Cozzi

Photo By Deidre Pike

Though a new potter is moving in to Wildflower Village soon, Pat Campbell-Cozzi is looking for a glassblower, a metal sculptor and maybe an artist who works with large media like stone. Campbell-Cozzi’s business on West Fourth Street, close to the intersection of Fourth and McCarran Boulevard, includes more than six acres of wildflowers, artful landscaping, accommodations, a wedding chapel and a coffee shop where you can get French pastries and a 12-ounce latte (made from Laughing Cat Coffee) for $2. Campbell-Cozzi, who’s been involved in real estate and property management for years, started the business eight years ago with the help of her husband, Chuck Cozzi and her daughter, Megan Campbell. Her goal is to see a community of artists come together and turn the west end of Fourth Street into an arty series of boutiques on the order of Carmel, Calif.

How many motels did buy here?

This was four motels, a trailer park and three houses. … Now we offer apartments, motel rooms, bed and breakfast rooms, wedding services, partnership unions—that’s for the gay folks—and we even do U-Haul truck rentals. And the coffee shop. We’d like to add a nursery at some point.

How did this get started?

I have a long experience in real estate on the West Coast. And there was a big need over here, [along West Fourth Street]. It was a blighted area. This was six acres of weeds when we started. Now I love it. People live here and work here.

Why wildflowers?

Because I love them and because the property was full of weeds. Our theme here is, “May all your weeds be wildflowers.”

What challenges have you faced?

The transition from what this was to what it’s becoming. The city and county have been very helpful. And our neighbors—everyone’s been exceedingly helpful. We’ve really enjoyed doing this.

What does the future hold for Wildflower Village?

We want to continue to expand and beautify. We’d like it to be quiet, quaint and comfortable.

What’s your philosophy of community?

Wow. (Pauses.) An eclectic, interesting group of unique individuals who respect one another’s privacy and needs. How’s that?

That’s great.

That was a hard one.