From the tiniest ACORNs come the mightiest fraud

I am all for getting people out to vote. It is important that people get informed, get excited and go out there and vote. But it is one person, one vote for a reason. This is so everyone has an equal say in who gets elected in this country. Yet, the voter registration group ACORN seems to find themselves above the rules.

ACORN has yet again disgraced themselves during an election year. Reeking of fraud and foul play, it is hard to put trust in them or any group of this sort. They can’t seem to be accountable for whom they register to vote, so apparently it’s OK if they register the same imaginary person 12 times. In the past, dead people, felons and children have voted because of ACORN.

This group can’t seem to keep it together, and yet they are still around. I would be ashamed to say I ever worked for a group like ACORN, yet there is one man who finds pride in having been a part of “Project Vote.” This would be Sen. Barack Obama. I want to question why he is so proud of his time with the group, but I can’t when the answer is so obvious. These are the left-leaning groups who will help get him elected, whether he be rightfully elected or not.

The idea that everyone’s vote matters is being lost because of instances such as this. This 2008 presidential race will be neck and neck until the end. With the chances of fraud high right now, enthusiasm for this race is a struggle. One vote doesn’t matter as much when your neighbor’s dead grandma is registered 12 times, and she is voting for the other side each of those times. This makes it hard to have faith in the system or these “honest” voter registration groups.

Our system is partly built on trust. We are trusting people to be honest and do the right thing. This is a leap in the wrong direction. People are corrupt and can be inherently bad. With felons on the ACORN payroll, they are not out to do well for society but to get a paycheck. And those that register more people to vote improve their chances of better pay or a longer stay with their job. So they will register whomever they can, whether it is someone’s 8-year-old daughter or a made-up individual.

This is frightening. With a group such as ACORN getting caught in a corruption scandal, people may find themselves at a loss. How can we have faith that an election will be fairly fought when it is obvious that this is not the case at all?

Faith is being lost. With left-leaning groups such as ACORN fighting a hard and corrupt battle to see that Republicans don’t end up in office, it is very disconcerting to know they may get away with it. This country has billions of people living in it. There is no way that our voter registration people can keep track of every single person who is registered to vote. False forms pass them by; it is going to happen. But with the help of these registration groups, it has been happening quite frequently.

So how do we combat this? Get rid of these groups. If people want to vote, they can make the effort to get a form and send it in just like the rest of us. If they are real people, and they care, that’s what they will do.