From the right

It may come as a shock to those who think the state is experiencing the second term of the Gibbons administration, but Brian Sandoval is under fire for being too liberal.

Clark County Republican Central Committee member Edward Hamilton said he is entering the primary race for governor against incumbent Sandoval because “[he] is more liberal than the two Democratic leaders in the Nevada Legislature, Assembly Speaker [Marilyn] Kirkpatrick and state Senate majority leader [Mo] Denis. Sandoval is pro-sales and gasoline taxes increases, pro-Obamacare expansion in Nevada. He signed into law three fast-tracking bills to launch and implement Obamacare in Nevada, pro-abortion; and pro-big government agenda in general. … In summary, Governor Sandoval is out touch with the conservative base and liberty faction of the GOP in Nevada, especially in the north and rural counties.”

Hamilton also calls himself a tea party candidate. He has run for office before, including a 2010 U.S. Senate race as a Democrat.