From Hollywood to Roswell

Non-profit film society CinemaReno will take you behind the scenes of two of the most intriguing locales in the United States—Hollywood and Roswell, N.M.—when directors Chris Deaux (pictured with co-producer/director of photography Chris Emmanoulides) and Mark Easter screen their independent documentaries at the Reno Hilton June 15. At 7 p.m., Deaux’s Talk Fast will document the struggles of five aspiring screenwriters, who have just two minutes to give movie executives their best big-screen pitch at a bi-yearly event dubbed Pitchmart. Then, at 8:45 p.m., Easter’s Roswell: The Naked Truth Revealed will reexamine the supposed 1947 UFO crash in the desert, with interviews from experts and eyewitnesses. Both directors will be on hand to introduce their films and answer questions. The screening will be held in the Hilton’s Sierra Room (on the mezzanine level), and admission is $6. For more information, visit, and