Four nights, 13 bands

Starting last Thursday at the New Oasis in Sparks, music fans had the chance to see 13 bands over four nights. Hatebreed played to a frenzied crowd of moshers on Thursday. 7Seconds played on Friday; the Reno homeboys pulled out their old-school punk anthems and gave the audience a taste of songs from their upcoming CD. 7Seconds departs later this month on their first-ever tour of England. Saturday brought the fake-blood-spewing wrath of GWAR to the stage, where spurious body fluids drenched fans. Sunday wrapped up the punishing four-night blitz with nu-metal prodigies The Lost Prophets. Opening up for TLP was Kill Radio, a new band that has the raw energy of the Sex Pistols and the political-mindedness of the Clash. Bass player “Dirty” wore an American flag draped around his waist with nothing underneath. The middle band was Head Automatica, fronted by Glassjaw singer Daryl Palumbo. The band’s set had an alt-garage-disco vibe. Local bands A. Hidell and the Koodatahs and Reason One were given opening slots at a couple of the shows.