Four Christmases

Rated 1.0

What the hell is going on, Vince Vaughn? Trying to become the king of Christmas comedies? This is two Yuletide stinkers in a row from the normally reliable comic actor. This time out, he plays boyfriend to Reese Witherspoon, and the two must endure four Christmases with various family members because their flight to Fiji is cancelled. It’s one lame setup after another, with lousy supporting performances from the likes of Jon Voight and Robert Duvall. Are you hearing me? Lousy performances from Voight and Duvall … if that’s not a bad sign, what is? Vaughn gets a laugh here and there, but Witherspoon delivers yet another dreadful performance that makes her acting record post-Oscar (for Walk the Line) rather poor. Vaughn must avoid this holiday in films for the rest of his acting career. If I so much as see a Christmas tree in one of his future movies, I’m going to throw up.