Fortune teller

Nina Wilson


Nina Wilson has been a feng shui consultant for more than 15 years and is the author of Feng Shui, Food & Fortune, available as an ebook at Feng shui is a a Chinese system of geomancy.

Tell me about your education.

I’m a tradition feng shui consultant [which is] is the feng shui that dates back centuries. In particular, the school that I’ve been trained in is through lineage, which means that the information is passed on only from master to student, dating back hundreds of years. Currently I’m a member of a very small and elite international team. There’s only 17 of us who trained with our master and [are] internationally based all over the world. We have been trained in … all aspects of the Chinese fine arts which includes feng shui, which is, of course, taking a look at how the environment influences us physically and emotionally. I’ve been a Reno resident for about 34 years now so all of my classes are here in the Reno area and my clients are from all over California and New Mexico. … [Our] master is from Taiwan. She hand selects the students. It’s pretty special when you’re selected. They say, “When the student is ready, a teacher appears.” It’s been a very unique experience and opportunity that I’ve had.

So what specifically do you work on with clients?

With all that I’ve been trained in, one of the very important things is diet, and how we deal with our own internal energy and how we can respond to environmental issues as well. And sometimes I find with my clients there are things we can do to help their environment, and sometimes there are things we can’t impact. You know like, you can’t change the neighbor’s house or yard … but we can do things through diet that can effect our own personal energy. We can use those energies to attract certain life experiences that we want, including relationships, health, money and things like that.

What’s the most common issue?

Most people are very conscious of health, so they will look for how to be in balance—how to be balanced based on your habits and body type to see what kind of internal energy you might have and you can evaluate it to see maybe where you might be eating too many of one type of food—I also list the foods by elements—that may be affecting a particular body system, and you can change your habit to find the elements that will bring you into balance. But as far as being happy, a lot of people think that happiness means a vibrancy, a joy, that joy and passion for living, and that’s related a lot to the fire element. The body parts for fire are heart and eyes. And obviously people who are happy, their eyes are alive. They are just glowing with that. So we can use some fire elements to get that going. We can use foods to influence our emotions.

What happens during a consultation?

Normally clients would contact me if they have something going on in their life that they want to address. So we would discuss that issue. They would tell me what that issue is, and they need to have a goal before I come out and look at their environment. We need to know what they want to work on so that we can focus on those areas. So I spend some time talking with them, taking a look at their environment, including the external environment. I even use Google Earth to look at the entire neighborhood area to see what kind of structures are there around them … So first of all, we want to make sure the energy can get to the home. If we think about the house as a person, and the front door is the mouth, the house has to be fed just how a person has to be fed. And then we want to look at the quality of food that is coming into the house. We can exist on junk food, but how well do we function? Certain energies have different aspects that we take a look at. So we look at how the energy moves in their environment and if it’s reaching them. Then we look at how it’s reaching the rest of the house or the business. Is it going where it needs to go to help support the people? Then we look at the energy of the people in the house, which is very unique. Some energy will be better for some people than others. There is no perfect house. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding energies that are weaker, and using landscaping or moving things around, and letting in energy that is strongest and has the best potential.