At a Nov. 21 meeting, Nye County Commissioner Butch Borasky said he suspected that brothel owner Dennis Hof, Nye County Republican chair Joe Burdzinski, and Don Cox—spouse of Commissioner Donna Cox—“might have my number.”

To explain what he meant by that, he then said, “If I should disappear, hit in the head with a brick, get run off the road, or any other function to take my life away from me, then I would ask that they talk to Mr. Dennis Hof, Mr. Don Cox, and Mr. Joe Burdzinski, of the so-called Nye County Republican Central Committee. And I will put that in writing to all of the departments, all of sheriffs, and a whole bunch of other agencies, because it’s just a gut feeling, but when I get them, they are usually right, so happy Thanksgiving.”

Hof has hired Reno lawyer David Houston to explore a lawsuit against Borasky over the comments.

Borasky made reference to incidents in Nye County history and said he had been reading The Nye County Brothel Wars (Simon and Shuster, 1985), an account by Jeanie Kasindorf of the 1978 torching of the Chicken Ranch Brothel and subsequent federal investigation of corruption in the county.