For your consideration

You have just entered … The Twitler Zone. Crash helmet tightened? Let’s go.

• A Southern California congressman, Ted Lieu, is a smart, courageous politician who is showing a willingness to actually deal with the proverbial 800-pound gorilla in the room. Lieu, from Cali’s 33rd district, recently said, “We have a problem here in America. Our president lies pathologically. He has his staff lie pathologically, and he attacks the free press. He attacks the judiciary, and this is what starts authoritarianism. Donald Trump is a danger to the republic, and we need to wake up in America to understand the harms he’s causing our country.”

Couldn’t have said it better. Thank you, Congressman Lieu. May your comrades begin to join you on the Donald Dogpile, and soon.

• Indivisible is the website of the year. They’re showing us that being politically involved and motivated is far more inspiring and rewarding than constant fetishizing over hollow, meaningless sports obsessions (excepting, of course, crucially important escapist Dubsession!).

• Notice how Liar POTUS, Liar Kellyanne Conjob, and Liar Scary Spice have made absolutely zero mention of the January massacre in Quebec? Maybe this has something to do with the fact that six innocent Muslims were killed in cold blood by a snot-faced Trumploydyte. That reality seems noy to fit into the Trump Worldview of Muslim Boogeymen Everywhere. Screw ISIS, Trump, how about you protect us from your armed, demented and deranged supporters?

• Prediction—the fave chant at the next anti-Trump marches will be “Lock Him Up!” Also, when is your town hall meeting for Health Care, Representative Amodei? You be sure to let us know, OK? Something tells me you’re gonna get plenty of feedback at that one.

• At the Prayer Breakfast, Trump talked about the ratings for his fucking TV show. The Hustler Huckster In Chief! Just to refresh—Trump is still the producer of that trash. Therefore, praying for increased ratings of a show he owns and gains financial benefit from is a direct violation of the emoluments clause of our U.S. Constitution. Isn’t there one senator, just one, with at least one testicle that, you know, actually dropped and currently resides in the scrotal area to call this asshole out on this blatant bullshit?

• If Obama had fucked up in Yemen the way President Bannon just did, you think Republicans woulda noticed? Yemenghazi hearings would already be scheduled!