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Best place that isn’t a dealer to pimp your metric ride

Got a burning desire to unload some of that extra wallet stuffing? Want your rear brake to stop your moto without catching on fire? Does your monster bike have funny-sounding pipes and inefficient fuel mapping? Those gents over at Street Rider of Reno, 2187 Market St., will settle all your issues. The only thing they can’t do is make Yamaha take the parts you need off back order. And, yes, while they can appreciate a nice Japanese ride, they’re more than happy to get that Harley back on the road in time for Street Vibrations.

Best local conservative radio talk show host

Every small to mid-sized radio market has its own Bill Manders. Ours is, of course, Bill Manders. On the KKOH 780 AM radio station bio, Reno’s own “rusty-throat Rush” claims to have written a 1999 best-selling book called A Clash of Values, showing how the media is bringing down the country and the family. We’ll go for that. But where exactly on the map of moral decay will you find self-publishing a book and puffing up its sales rank? A bestseller? Sales-wise Mander’s book is listed as No. 2,710,180 at, while William Kotzwinkle’s Walter the Farting Dog comes in at No. 1,168.

Best place to shop in slow motion

Walgreens on North Virginia between Seventh and Eighth. Whether it’s 2 a.m., and you’re picking up some cold medicine, or it’s after work, and you’re buying a simple pack of gum, if you’re going to Walgreens on North Virginia, plan on 20 minutes. You’re in no hurry. You can’t be. A woman ahead of you in line empties her basket for purchase. The cashier sizes it up. Slowly, he or she takes a long breath in. The cashier stares blankly into the void. Are they nodding off? These people make federal government workers look like Olympic sprinters. You wait and wait until somebody comes by and puts a single, new AAA battery into the cashier’s power box. Slowly, they come alive.