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Illustration By Rick Sealock

Best meal to blow your diet on

You say tomato, we say tomato. OK, the grammar doesn’t quite work there, but there are three lunchtime buffet Indian restaurants that serve the kind of chicken Marsala that’ll take your diet—be it, Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach, low-fat or Blood Type Diet—and slam it to the mat like a defeated wrestler. Diners can most count on finding it at the India Garden, 1565 S. Virginia St. And then you can turn to India Kabob and Curry, 1091 S. Virginia St., 348-6222, and, less often but just as tasty, Taste of India, 315 E. Moana Lane. You might as well tear up your Weight Watcher Flex Points card when you return for not just seconds, but thirds.

Best seasonal brew in town

The folks at Great Basin Brewery know what they’re doing with most of their brews, but a pint of their Oktoberfest is especially good as the wind begins to carry a nip. That walk to work will sure seem to pass more quickly.