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Dear Dr. Fred,
I may have to catch a flight home earlier than I’d planned. You see, I think I’m caught in the grips of addiction again. I thought I could handle pizza. It’s been nearly a decade, though, since I’ve had a slice of the cheesy pie. But you’ve brought me so far. I really thought I was ready. I walked into a bar near the University of Nevada, Reno, campus and ordered its Treehugger Pizza on a whim. It just sounded good to me, and healthy, too, with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese and walnuts that turned out to look remarkably like bits of sausage on top. I started out with one pizza, then I ordered another and another. I came back the next day and the next. In the past week, I’ve eaten 53 Treehugger Pizzas, Dr. F., and that can’t be good. They are just so delicious. I can’t resist. I’m eating one now as I write this letter to you. I wish you could be here to taste it with me. I’ve gained 10 pounds this week, and I’m going to have to buy new blue jeans. Will you still love me? Yours,