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Quintessential pud

Bangkok Cuisine
55 Mount Rose St., 322-0299

Dear Dr. Fred,
You were absolutely right about Reno. With so many great restaurants, it’s the perfect place for my recovery. Like Thursday, I had lunch at this great Thai place called Bangkok Cuisine. I ordered a lunch special with chicken yellow curry and the best pud thai I’ve ever tasted. The meal came with an incredibly tasty bowl of soup and a yummy cucumber salad. The place was packed. Tommy says that folks in Reno use Bangkok’s pud thai as a measuring stick for any other stir-fried Thai noodles that they happen upon. “We’d probably go to Thailand, try the pud there and say, ‘Eeewww, this doesn’t taste like Bangkok Cuisine’s pud thai',” Tommy says. Anyway, Dr. F., I’ve gained another pound in the past two weeks. You’d be so proud of me. Love from your favorite patient,